Thursday, July 4, 2013

Earth Defence Force Insect Armageddon Game Download

The player defends a fictional city called new detroit aginst an alien invasion aided by bio-engineered terrestital insects . The players goes by the name of Lightning Alpha leader of an elite team of fighters known as Strike Force lighting along with two squad mates ..
Players take the role alpha rays fighting off wave after wave of giant insects and robos enemies , Insects armagedon take place mainly in the city of new detroit the target of a bug invasion that only the EDF can stop concertainng The graphics have been greatly improved butt still retain acrade shooter physics of its predessor ...

System Requirements  !
  • OS : Win XP , Win Vista & Win 7 .
  • Procesosr : 2.0GHZ Dual Core CPU .
  • Memory : 1GB XP , 2GB Vista .
  • Hard Disk : 6GB Space .
  • Video MEmory : 512 MB .
  • DirectX : 9.0 Or Higher Version .
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