Monday, August 5, 2013

When Opportunity Knocks

     This past week has really challenged me to be patient and just focus on making the most out of my reps on the 3rd team.  Using my day off on Tuesday to relax and clear my mind, I came into Wednesday's practice with a good patient attitude and renewed focus.  Well as the saying goes, you have to stay ready because you never know when your opportunity will come.  Suddenly after warm up I was thrown into the mix running with both the 2's and the 3's.  Talk about a swing of reps, phew that was a little harder!  I was prepared and knew what to do and tried the make the most out of the opportunity.  I had a good practice with some good tackles and an interception, but far from perfect.  This little opportunity gives me more chances to work on my technique and show streaks of what I have.  I was able to do this the rest of the week and really get into a flow of practicing, film feedback, and correction.

     The week of practice ended with #RamsFanFest in the Edward Jones Dome.  This was a great way to get prepared for the coming game week and also get to get in front of the fans.  It was my first time to be in the stadium and walking out into the lights suited up in Rams gear was definitely a little eye opening.  It makes you take a step back and realize how blessed and amazing it is to be here with this opportunity.  These moments are few and far between, because when it comes down to it you can't sit back and enjoy the view... you have to stay focused on the task at hand and keep working.  It's back to business and the interview never ends.  We had a great practice which ended with a rookie scrimmage.  We started with special teams and whether I was going as a backup role or as a scout team, I try and use every opportunity to prove myself.  There is still a lot of techniques and moves, to block and defeat blocks, that I must learn to become an elite special teamer.  This is important because the one obvious difference between college and the NFL has to be the level of preciseness.  I continue to keep that focus as I practice.  Overall I had a pretty good day with efficient communication, tackling, and technique.  I enjoyed playing in front of the fans and signing autographs afterward.  All of this is building up anticipation for one thing... game week.  The preseason games are ultimately what we will be judged on as rookies and for us it is where we win or lose our job.  My NFL resume is a clean slate for only three more days... here we go!
-Student of the Game

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